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Welcome to Talbert Irrigation

With both residential and commercial customers in Waco Texas, Talbert Irrigation can help you with the design, installation, and maintenance of a water irrigation system while keeping you within your budget. We specialize in lawn sprinkler repair & service of any kind. From spray heads, drip irrigation, spray nozzles, irrigation valves, broken pipes, controller programming and water scheduling set-up.

Irrigation RepairWe can fix and replace anything from broken pipes to heads, valves and nozzles.

Irrigation InstallationWe design and install irrigation systems for residential and commercial properties.

Irrigation EfficiencyMake sure your lawn is getting the right amount of water.

Backflow TestingPressure loss in water systems is more common than you might think.

Controller ProgrammingTiming is everything. Water your lawn wisely and save money.

DrainageEnhance your soil by moving water where it's supposed to be.

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Customer Testimonials

We take our customer feedback serious and pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction. Here's just a few things some customers have said about us.

The end result was more than what I could have ever expected. I would definitely recommend Talbert Irrigation to all of my friends. Excellent work at an excellent price!

Velvet C.

Came out same day and repaired my system in the amount of time he quoted. Cameron had the best price and was very professional and full of knowledge. I highly recommend him.

Charlotte R.

Not only did he move all of our sprinkler heads for our new flower bed, he also programmed my system to run more efficiently. Very professional and friendly. Customer for life.

William P.

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